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Payment of Rent

Contactless Payment

Payment by email money transfer to is the safest and preferred payment method at all times and can be used for any type of payment.

Cheques and Money Orders

Cheques and money orders continue to be accepted. Please note that cheques received after 3:00 p.m. on the first of the month may not be processed / cashed until mid-month. It is your responsibility to ensure that the funds remain available until the cheque is deposited.


Please contact us to book an appointment or visit the office during business hours. Proper face masks and footwear are required.

Payment Agreement

You have the option of repaying outstanding balances in smaller, more manageable installments by entering into a Payment Agreement. If you are choosing this option, please complete, sign and return the form to us by email or drop-off using the office’s mail-slot. Once received, we will either accept the proposed payment plan or contact you. If accepted, a duly signed copy of the Payment Agreement will be returned to you.

*Cash Payments Are Not Accepted*