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Entrance FOB Request

Fobs will be used on all entry points to the building, being the front lobby, parking lobby, parking tunnel & west stairwell exterior entrance. Notice of other fob entry points will be posted after future retrofits

I/we have read, understand and agree to the following statements:

  • Each unit will receive two fobs at no cost
  • Replacement fobs or additional fobs are available at a fee of $15.00 each
  • When a fob is reported lost or stolen, it will be deactivated
  • I am required to report any lost or stolen fobs immediately to the office
  • If my fob is used by someone to gain access to the building, the tenant(s) who signed the lease is/are responsible for their activity while they are in the building
  • I will test my fob at all entry points where I have access & report any issues right away
  • My fob is programmed to open the parking garage tunnel or parking garage entrance only if I have registered my vehicle with the office, and provided the vehicle insurance and ownership information is current
  • I am liable and responsible for people who I let into the building, or let use my fob
  • I will report someone entering the building who is not a tenant unless they are using a fob or are allowed access with the enter phone to the superintendent or the office immediately
  • I understand, agree to the above statements & have received a copy of this document

Please Fill Out Form Completely