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Fire Systems Testing

September 15 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

On this date, we will be conducting our annual building and unit fire systems test. Things to note:

During the fire drills, we expect tenants who are in the building to participate. If you are a tenant who has registered with our office for assistance in the event of an emergency, you must remain in your unit or balcony.
Some points to remember during a fire drill are:
  • When you hear the fire alarms, exit the building by the nearest stairwell to you, not the lobby.
  • DO NOT use the elevators. Elevators operating during a fire alarm are for USE OF FIREFIGHTERS ONLY.
  • DO NOT tamper with alter, cover, paint, damage or disconnect the fire horn, smoke alarm or heat detector in your unit at any time, as this is a violation of provisions set out in the Fire Code, Residential Tenancies Act and your lease.
  • Once you have exited the building, you can expect to be outside for approximately 20 minutes as there is a set time that the alarms must ring and you should dress warmly in winter months.
  • Upon exiting the stairwells closest to you, do not cross the first floor and go out the front lobby door. You must exit through the stairwell you just came down. (If you encounter smoke in the stairwell, make your way to the other stairwell to exit the building).

Once you have exited the building, please follow the directions below:

Exiting the east stairwell door (closest to Neeve Street)

  • Exit the stairwell door and use the sidewalk towards the rear driveway of thebuilding.
  • Please gather on the grassed area beside the parking garage tunnel on our property. Please stay away from the city street and watch traffic when you cross the driveway.You must gather here if you have exited from this door.

Exiting the west stairwell door (closest to the playground)

  • Exit the stairwell door and walk through the playground to the rear driveway of the building. You must gather at the front of 85 Neeve Street. Please be careful if you are using the driveway and allow the 85 Neeve St. tenants to enter into and exit from their building.
  • You must gather here if you have exited from this door.

If you are a tenant or household member who has registered with the office stating that you require assistance in the event of anĀ  emergency, you must remain in your unit or balcony, and take your coat if needed. Get as far away from the fire as you can. Take your cell phone with you if possible. Close the door behind you. lf you are in another unit or in the hallway and cannot get to your unit, go to another unit and wait there. Call the Superintendent at 519821-2177 and 911 to let them know where you are.

If you would like to register with the office to have your name added to the list for tenants or household members to remain in your unit for fire drills, fire events or evacuations, please contact the Property Administrator immediately to provide written consent and provide details on what the fire fighters would need to know to assist you in case of an emergency.

If your fire and life safety equipment is not working, or has been damaged, you are required to notify our staff IMMEDIATELY and staff will attend to assess for replacement, or referral to our contractor for replacement, if required.

In order to ensure your unit is compliant with the Fire Code, ensure that:

  • you have a clear path to the hallway and balcony
  • your balcony is clear of combustible items
  • no bbqs, compressed gas is stored in the unit or balcony
  • no live Christmas trees are kept in the unit
  • no fireplaces or open flames in the unit all of your interior doors in your unit can fully close and latch
  • your automatic door closer on your unit door fully latches
  • extension cords are not used for permanent wiring electrical outlets are not overloaded
  • a/c units are not more than 8000 BTU’s stove and counter 1 metre around stove kept clear and free of anything flammable
  • your electrical panel is kept fully latched and clear for access and safety
  • electrical cords are grounded with three prongs, if necessary
  • fan coil unit have clearance of at least 2 metres
  • garbage chutes are not used for disposal of flammable items or caustic liquids
  • fire and life safety equipment is not altered damaged, removed
  • fire and life safety equipment not working is reported to Maintenance staff immediately

PLEASE REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE STEPS IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY.A reminder of the date of the fire drills and monthly testing will be posted in the Lobby Bulletin Board, at least 48 hours in advance. This is our notice of entry to your unit for the annual inspection of fire safety equipment by our staff and fire safety contractor on September 15, 2023.Please note the times of the fire systems testing and participate fully in any fire drills, so that you are ready to exit the building in an orderly fashion. This is to prepare you in the event of a fire or other emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.


Ellie Montgomery, Property Administrator 519821-7518ellie@victordavishomes.caSuperintendent for after hours or urgent matters519821-2177-1-1 for Emergencies


September 15
8:30 am - 10:30 am
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Victor Davis Homes